Housing prices are up. What can one do if the current home feels cramped but moving is out of the question? Custom designed garages may be the answer. Whether you opt for attached or detached, a well-planned garage can give you the space you need for cars, storage, recreation, and more.


Where do you want to build your garage? Next to the house? In the backyard? Off to the side, connected by a breezeway? Before you settle on a location, talk to the custom garage builders at Dave Johnson Construction. They can let you know if the spot you prefer can support the structure you want.

When considering location, you need to know the zoning laws for your area. There will probably be setback requirements. There may also be size and height limitations. If your property has an easement, that will affect garage location as well. Have all this information at hand before you begin planning your custom garage.


This is the fun part. To determine the size of your garage, you need to know what you will use it for. Custom garages have come a long way in the past decade. They are no longer just for parking cars. Many homeowners treat them as an extension of their living space. Popular uses for garages include:

  • Workshop for woodworking or other hobbies
  • Rec area with pool table, etc.
  • Bar or lounge area
  • Home office
  • Mother-in-law suite or guest room
  • Man cave
  • General storage

In addition, decide how many car bays you need for your garage. Right now you might only want one or two but think of future growth. Will you someday have a teenager with a car? If so, three bays might be a good idea.

After you’ve made a list of your garage’s requirements, talk to your custom garage builders. They can suggest reasonable square footage to meet your goals. Don’t forget the extra space you can get with a second floor. It will make a great hobby area or apartment.


The style of your garage should complement your home. Don’t go with an oak-beamed Tudor garage if your house is mid-century modern. While anything from a carriage house look to a traditional attached garage is possible, the wrong style garage can actually hurt your home’s value.

Browse garage photos. Talk to your custom garage builder at Dave Johnson Construction for ideas. Drive around the Salt Lake Valley and scout out garages in different neighborhoods. Take notes on what you like and don’t like. It’s certainly OK to imbue your garage with some personal design elements, but it’s not advisable for it to be completely out of line with your neighborhood.


Most garages get wired for electricity as a matter of course. Does your garage also need water or sewer hookups? How about Wi-Fi or cable? Discuss these options with your builder and make sure they are included in the plans from the start.

Talk to the pros at Dave Johnson Construction today to begin building your custom garage.

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