Custom Designed Garages 

Whether you have an oddly-shaped lot, need an area for creative work, or have a specific idea for a unique garage, a custom designed garage may be the best. Are you building your new dream home? A custom designed garage blends seamlessly into the form and function of your new place. Need to update or add a garage for more workspace or an additional vehicle? Our custom designed garages fit your needs.

From attached to detached garages and from brick to stainless steel, we work with you to design and construct the garage that suits your home’s aesthetic and lifestyle. We have extensive experience adding custom designed garages to new construction and existing structures. We can help you determine your garage space’s ideal placement, orientation and style. While adding a loft or other features during the building process saves time and stress, we can also update current garages in various ways to reshape how you use the space. And we’ll do all of it in collaboration with you.

At Dave Johnson Construction, we especially like working with our customers to design and build custom garages, and you can contact our owner at any point during the job. With a one-year warranty on all of our labor and a construction timeframe of 30 to 60 days, you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying your new garage in the blink of an eye. Reach out to us to start working on your standard or custom designed garage, and we’ll set you up with our professional team for a free estimate.

A tall entryway Garage with a walk in door

Need experts to demolish your old garage and build a new one?

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We are a local full service garage enhancement company. Our goal is to provide homeowners with impeccable work and undeniable results.

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