Single/Multiple Car Garages 

Single-wide garages are a popular choice, especially when you only need a bit of space for your car and a few boxes or tools set off to the side. They are ideal for smaller homes or individuals and families with just one car, as they take up less space on your lot. This leaves more room for living spaces and perhaps a lawn. If you utilize the vertical dimensions, you can add a loft above the single bay. This increases your overall space and renders the car storage area more comfortable.

Modern families are always on the go, so there’s increasing demand for multiple-car garages. A multi-car garage is essential for busy families and working adults to protect their vehicles and keep their families safe from the extreme weather. There are several versions of multiple-car garages, from double-wide bays with either single or double doors, or three-car garages with two doors. Your garage construction professional can help you to determine which format works best for your situation.

side view of a garage with two doors
Gray attached garage door with four rectangular glass windows

A double-wide garage

with a single door is best for large vehicles like S.U.V.s and full-size trucks because maneuvering through a single door is tricky. One error and you’ve lost your side mirror! On the other hand, multiple doors mean you can use one section of the garage as a workshop or storage area with the garage-style bay door for moving large equipment or items.

Along the same lines, triple-wide garages aren’t always for parking three cars. Often, the third bay provides extra storage space or a workshop area. Store your riding mower or large lawn equipment in a protected space to extend battery life and preserve long-term functionality and appearance. For families with three cars, a fourth bay does the same job.

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