Attached Garages 

Attached garages are the most recognizable type of garage. They’re what you imagine first when designing or upgrading your home, and for good reason: They’re straightforward to build and cost-effective to maintain and update. You can include an attached garage in many orientations, including traditional front-facing, side-of-house, 90° inward-facing and below-the-house. Attached garages share a wall with the house, so adding plumbing and electricity to the new space only requires extending the home’s existing lines into the new space. As a result, you can put in a wash sink or deep freezer without installing new lines.

The interior door between the garage and the house also protects you from the elements. This setup means no more dashing through the rain with armloads of grocery bags or sweeping leaves and snow from your windshield when you’re already late. Late-night arrivals are less stressful because you’ll have a well-lit place to park and walk right into your home. Even better, an attached garage on a smaller home adds curb appeal by increasing the apparent size of the house, even without the expense of heating and cooling the space.

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