Brick Garages

Brick garages are beautiful and time-honored alternatives to other building materials. Qualified masons construct these buildings from the ground up using bricks and mortar, offering a timeless aesthetic and assurance of durability. They’re an excellent choice for all types of garages, from carports to cottage-style, and you can customize brick garages to include interior features such as lofts or shelving.

Due to the insulating properties of brick, you can safely store a wide range of items inside these garages, and they’re cost-effective to heat and cool if you use them for additional living space. The addition of insulating materials ensures a comfortable space year-round. Add a brick garage as an attached garage, or set it behind your home as separate storage, work or living space. In many cases, the slightly higher cost of a brick building means it’s best to add customizations at the outset, but you can also update the building later.

A Brick Detached Garage

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