Detached Garages 

For lots with unusual dimensions, a detached garage is an ideal solution. Your lot may be too narrow for an attached version or too awkwardly shaped for a straightforward garage door access point. Long driveways leading to a garage behind the home allow you to use your space effectively while reaping the benefits of extra storage. The type of detached garage you choose depends on your property and your storage needs, and the options include stainless steel, wood, brick, and vinyl plastic resin. The orientation options depend on your lot size and shape so that you can get creative with the door’s location.

A second-story finished area over the garage is perfect for both short and long-term overnight guests, and because the building is tucked away behind the house, it offers greater privacy for you and your guests. On the other hand, a separate building provides the optimal space for a large workshop or studio. Since you can build a detached garage during construction or any time after that, you can take your time designing the style and determining the location of your building. Detached buildings can be one or multiple-car garages and can be standard-sized or custom-designed with add-ons like lofts.

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