To attach or not to attach? That is the question when one is building a new garage. Fortunately, there are pros on hand to help you make this crucial decision. The garage builders at Dave Johnson Construction can answer all your questions and help you understand the options of detached garages vs attached garages.

The Pros of Attached Garages

Since an attached garage shares a party wall with the house, they are usually cheaper to build. You can also tap into the house’s electrical and plumbing lines instead of installing new lines. So if cost is your primary concern, you should consider an attached garage.

Attached garages typically have an interior door that leads directly into the house. Therefore all your comings and goings are protected from inclement weather and harsh temps. This also makes it a great space for extra appliances, such as a deep freezer or drink fridge. Anything you want is just steps from your house.

If your house is smaller, an attached garage can boost its curb appeal. It will make your house look larger without increasing the amount of space you have to heat or cool. Look at some finished garage photos to see how this works.

The Cons of Attached Garages

The biggest con here is simply that you may not be able to fit your attached garage on your lot. Attaching a garage generally means you need room on the front or the side of the house. If your municipality has stipulated setbacks or other restrictions, there might not be room for a garage.

It is possible to build an attached garage on the back of a house. This typically means reconfiguring the driveway extensively as it has to go behind the house to reach the garage. Discuss this possibility with Dave Johnson Construction and they will let you know if it’s feasible.

The Pros of Detached Garages

Detached garages can fit on oddly shaped lots. If your lot is narrow, you can tuck the garage further back on your lot with a long driveway that goes past the house. This provides more privacy for a finished room over the detached garage, such as a guest room or in-law suite.

They are considered safer and more secure than attached garages. If someone breaks into your garage, it is usually fairly easy for them to get into the house. Since detached garages are separate buildings, they do not allow easy access. Also, there is less risk of contamination from exhaust fumes and other chemicals commonly stored in garages as there are no shared walls.

The Cons of Detached Garages

The biggest cons are that they are more expensive to build and may be less convenient as you have to walk outside from the garage to the house. This can be remedied somewhat by building a covered walkway that protects your path.

Dave Johnson Construction can answer any questions you have about garages. If you are ready to add a garage to your home in the Salt Lake Valley area, give them a call.

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